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Express delivery or special attention?

For express deliveries or shipments requiring special attention, you have come to the right address at HBK. You see, we transport all sorts of things, such as pallets, packages, furniture, equipment etc. You can count on us if you want your shipment to arrive at its destination quickly and safely. Our person to person delivery guarantees that your shipment is delivered to the right person.

HBK not only provides transport throughout the Netherlands, but across the whole of Europe as well. Twice weekly for instance, we provide transport to and from the UK. Because our fleet is equipped with a track & trace system, we always exactly know where our cars are. And, of course, we are in permanent contact with our drivers.

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Could you use an extra pair of hands?

Facility services
We provide facility services for all types of organisations, both on site and elsewhere. Thanks to our robust business model, we are widely experienced in business support.

piano vervoeren Koeriersdiensten HBK eindhoven

Are you planning to move in the near future?

Do you want professional movers to handle everything? Or do you require help for just part of the job? Either way, contact us today. We can see you through your relocation from A to Z. We would also be pleased to assist you with the preparations. After all, a good plan saves time and creates peace of mind.

Company removals
Thanks to our background and experience, we are capable of moving your company or department quickly and accurately, both internally and externally. During the move, we optimally unburden your employees, for instance by executing the actual move outside office hours.

Extra services
In addition to complete removals, we also provide a wide range of facility services. We can also take care of parts of your removal, such as assembling and disassembling office furniture, moving archives, and redesigning the workplaces according to regulations.

Value added transport
HBK not only provides immaculate transport services, but also extra services, such as unpacking, installing and accepting return shipments. This allows us to expand your organisation's services and to be of service to your clients.

White Glove Service
As extra service, we offer the option of assembling and installing your sensitive, expensive and/or heavy equipment with the utmost care. Our vans are equipped with air suspension and a lifting platform, enabling us to unload independently at universities and hospitals, among others. We can take return special or expensive packaging so that it can be re-used for a subsequent shipment.

Attention to quality
Our staff has ample experience in the field of removals and transport. HBK has a young and well-maintained fleet of vehicles. Furthermore, our vans are fitted with alarms as well as track & trace equipment.

Do you also want to make sure your shipment reaches its destination quickly and securely? Or are you interested in our white glove service? For the available options, call us or e-mail us at info@h-b-k.nl.


Inventory management
You can use us to inventory, maintain and repair your office furniture, among other things. In addition, we provide handyman services, including connecting computers and safely concealing the various cables and wires.

Workplace redesign
We operate according to Health & Safety regulations and design your workplaces according to those standards. If desired, we also create the furniture layout to make sure that every employee is in the right place.

Promotional activities
We would also be pleased to solve other facility-related challenges for you, such as by providing temporary support during promotional activities. Don't hesitate to inquire as to the options.


Drawing up a removal plan
We have high-quality material at our disposal to execute removals fully independently and without any damage. Are you planning to move in the near future? Please contact us to discuss your plans or to draw up new ones, and make sure your removal is arranged straight away!

Private removals
Private individuals can also make use of our years of experience. We can assist you with your move.

Complete removal
We can execute your removal completely. From packing and unpacking, and assembling and disassembling furniture, to the chauffeur-driven lorry that moves everything in one ride. Of course, we will bring all necessary removal equipment with us.

Large or heavy objects
HBK will also remove only your large or heavy things, such as just the sofa, your heavy appliances or the piano. We are very adept at it, even if no elevator is available.

Moving to senior accommodation often means that not all items are to be moved to the same location. We move everything to the places you tell us they need to go. In addition, we can make sure that the old accommodation is delivered as agreed with the owner.


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